Turning works

Production and design association Devman provides services for turning work of any complexity in Ukraine. We accept applications from private and legal entities for the manufacture of experimental or working samples of individual parts of mechanisms, as well as small-scale production. We will undertake both small turning works for the manufacture of individual parts, and the production of large batches of products.

Manufacture of parts

We have at our disposal a well-equipped production base consisting of modern machines and the best high-speed tools that provide high quality surface treatment with an accuracy of 0.01mm and up to the 10th grade of roughness. Under the order we carry out any turning works on metal: boring, threading, drilling, rolling of corrugations. Application for the production of parts up to 20 pieces will execute within 10 working days. We make the following types of products:

  • screws, nuts, washers, studs;
  • bushings, pulleys, axles, fingers, shafts;
  • fittings, adapters, nozzles;
  • rollers, cones, flanges.

Тtechnical capabilities of the equipment

In the production association Devman work is done on a lathe for metal, in our arsenal there are various types of CNC machines and station wagons. The equipment allows to produce parts up to 800mm in diameter and 8m in length. We provide a full range of metalworking services at an affordable cost. We carry out the production of products from metals, alloys, non-metals. For the series we use CNC machines and automatic bar feeding. We process the following materials: steel (including stainless), cast iron, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass, titanium, aluminum alloys, caprolon, textolite, etc.

Types of services

We carry out the following turning works:

  • internal and external threading– metric, conical, trapezoidal, inch;
  • ring groove end surfaces;
  • machining of shaped surfaces;
  • cut off;
  • slotting grooves and grooves;
  • turning and boring conical and cylindrical surfaces;
  • drilling, reaming and reaming holes;
  • rolling grooves.

Consultation and design

We work according to customer drawings or we can provide services of our own design office. Our engineers will advise on technical issues, can increase the strength characteristics by changing the geometry of the product, as well as design a modified part under the changed operating conditions.

Turning work in Kyiv

We offer a competitive cost of metalworking services in Ukraine. We have prices for CNC turning in Kiev from 500 UAH. Delivery to other regions at the rates of courier service. With large-scale production we make substantial discounts. You can order turning works cheaply through the site’s contact form or by contacting the phone manager. We guarantee the high quality of the products tochny and the execution of the application in a short time.