Outsourcing and subcontracting

If your company needs to develop and design mechanisms or create individual parts, test batches of product samples, technical solutions, once or periodically, then there is no need to have your own design department, an intelligent solution and production outsourcing will be an effective solution.

The essence of the first is that you transfer the execution of individual works of the company to the contractor. This fast and inexpensive solution allows you to focus attention and resources on the core business of the enterprise, significantly save on the maintenance and development of non-core units.

Devman company provides intellectual and industrial outsourcing in the field of design and creation of design documentation for individual projects and production of products from various materials.

Metalworking subcontract

When there is no need to establish long-term business relationships, and you need to use once the services of a contractor, ordering a small batch of products, an experimental sample or an individual part, the subcontract for metal working will be the way out. Our experts will fulfill the application for the manufacture of one or a small number of products in accordance with a contractual or oral agreement.

The advantage of cooperation with Devman is that we fulfill the order from the creation of the project to its delivery in the form of the finished product (design or mechanism), provide full information support for the design documentation and provide technical support to specialists.

Cost effective solution

You do not need to have a staff of the design bureau or create a production for a one-time work, DEVMAN will take on these costs and help you with the successful delivery of the project. Our company in the framework of subcontracting and outsourcing in the design and production of any products actively cooperates with various industrial enterprises of Ukraine and other European countries. Use our resources to solve your problems.