Analysis, Welding, Painting, Assembly

Production group Devman provides services for the processing of metal products in Kiev. For individuals and legal entities we perform welding work, metal casting, powder painting, cutting on the guillotine, punching holes in sheet materials, making molds for casting, all types of wave and contact analysis of product quality, assembly of structures, testing of prototypes. We accept orders in Ukraine for the processing of small-sized blanks and the manufacture of parts and mechanisms.

Welding services

According to the application we perform on the professional equipment the welding of aluminum, copper, metal structures from steel. We always make neat, almost imperceptible, even seams; we ensure a high degree of precision of the connection. Apply: contact, manual arc welding, argon, semiautomatic. Let's make a design of the set sizes of sheet materials, pipes, a profile according to your drawings or sketches. We have a welding price of 3 hryvnia per meter running. For wholesale orders we offer a discount.

Powder coating

We provide powder painting services in any color according to the RAL catalog. The size of the heat chamber is 4000 * 1050 * 1080mm, which allows you to handle dimensional products. Baking the pigment at a temperature of 200ºC creates a coating resistant to external conditions. If necessary, you can order sandblasting from us, in order to clean the surface of metal products from rust, a layer of old paint, burns, fatty spots. We accept applications for dyeing accessories, metal structures, forged products, machine parts, marine equipment, pipes, household appliances, heating radiators, etc. We have a powder painting price of 150 hryvnia per square. m

Hole punching

Devman company provides services in cold stamping of metal sheets, cutting down technological holes, including pipes. We use modern electromechanical and hydraulic punch presses with CNC coordinate-turret (eccentric) and combined types. We carry out coordinate punching of holes with a different contour on a single, two- and multi-stamp (multi-punch) punching machine with high productivity. The equipment available, except for punching, allows for such operations as: incomplete punching; molding; puklevka. The punching press is equipped with positioning mechanisms that make it possible to process with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Available guillotine for metal cutting and cutting.


According to the application, we perform casting of blanks from ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Various steel grades are available. We create products of complex geometric shapes for technical, domestic and decorative purposes. At a reasonable cost, we carry out to order casting:

  • under pressure;
  • centrifugal;
  • on investment casting;
  • in the chill mold;

We carry out iron casting, aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, brass, tin, nickel and magnesium alloys. We carry out the subsequent grinding and polishing of castings, as well as the assembly of multicomponent products.

Analysis and Diagnostics

Not infrequently, parts and designs require quality control. Devman company provides services for mechanical, electrical and wave diagnostics of products. We measure the homogeneity of materials and resistance to deformation. We carry out the following types of diagnostics:

  • Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness test;
  • number of cycles for bending, torsion;
  • compressive and tensile strength;
  • spectral analysis;
  • color flaw detection (capillary control).

Assembly and testing of mechanisms

Need a qualified assembly of mechanisms and a preliminary check of their working capacity? On the modern equipment we carry out the testing of products in accordance with the specified impacts, simulating the operating conditions. We check the resistance to static and dynamic loads. We test for friction, rolling, bending, strength, determine the wear resistance. Production Association Devman to order carries out all types of metalworking, the creation of mechanisms, structures. We provide services to the design office. We realize the technical project of any complexity.

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