Milling work

Devman company performs milling metal work in Ukraine. We offer a range of metalworking services using the latest machines and the best cutting tools. We work with individuals, business entities, small firms and large enterprises. We accept orders for single and mass production of parts and mechanisms.

Milling works Kyiv

According to the drawings we will manufacture the necessary products in the required quantity or create copies according to the available samples. In the presence of sketches, our engineers will make the drawings by calculating the shape of the part in accordance with the loads. In the absence of graphic images on paper or digital media, you can use the services of the Devman design office. We carry out turning and milling work in Kiev and the region at an affordable cost. We render services of the following types of milling:

  • Face - used for large planes and stepped surfaces;
  • end - used to create grooves (grooves, sweeps, grooves, pockets, wells, windows);
  • shaped - used for processing profiles, creating complex geometric shapes (gears, worms);
  • peripheral - to create complex grooves.

CNC milling services

Modern machines, on which we perform milling services, make it possible to manufacture parts with an accuracy of 0.01mm. The available equipment allows to produce products with a minimum roughness indicator, up to the eighth grade. Masters of the company carry out milling work on CNC machines for the production of key shafts, flats, hexagons, splined shafts. Using a dividing head, we cut the teeth of spur, helical gear and chevron wheels. We perform CNC milling with the use of high-quality cutting tools. The machines at our disposal are designed for processing workpieces with a width of up to 2500 mm, a length of up to 1250 mm, and a height of up to 1500 mm.

Metal milling price

Production Association Devman provides surface treatment services for metals with the help of modern high-precision equipment, allowing to achieve the minimum degree of surface roughness. We have for simple milling work the cost is from 500 UAH (machining of large planes, cutting grooves), for complex milling work the price is from 1000 UAH (cutting profiles, manufacturing parts of complex geometric shapes, etc.). You can find out the prices for milling works, the pricing of a specific service to order from a manager.

Milling works to order

In the production group Devman, metal is milled to order by the number of products from one piece. We carry out the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys: steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, duralumin, aluminum. To order the service, please contact our phone manager or use the site’s contact form. Applications in Kiev are possible with a partial prepayment, orders for Ukraine are carried out on the basis of one hundred percent prepayment, the shipment is carried out by courier service.

Milling services: execution speed

We make single simple parts in a few days. Without prior agreement, orders for a batch of several dozen are executed within ten working days. For applications for more than a hundred copies of products of complex geometric shape, the deadline is specified. By agreement, accelerated production is possible (in an extraordinary order).