Metal bending

The production group Devman provides metal bending services in Kiev. We carry out orders for private and legal persons, enterprises. We use new equipment, we carry out delivery of products in the Kiev region, we organize transportation in Ukraine. Applications for the production of a batch of products with a simple profile or box perform within five days. We offer high quality work at a competitive cost. We provide metal bending services for blanks from:

  • fittings;
  • pipes;
  • sheet materials;

Technical capabilities of the equipment

The modern bending machine, on which we carry out orders, has the following technical capabilities:

  • bending angle up to 30 degrees;
  • workpiece thickness up to 12 mm;
  • workpiece length up to 3000 mm.

We are bending steel, copper, bronze, aluminum alloys. Nominal force developed by the machine 130t / m, allows you to process workpieces with a thickness of up to 12 mm. For full and partial prepayment we produce individually, in batches and serially sheet metal products to order.

Price are flexible sheet metal

We offer favorable conditions for small and large orders. We have a metal bending price of 10 hryvnia per diem. The cost is conditional and is determined by the number of products and the complexity of their production. Large orders are charged at reduced prices and are contractual.