Production of products to order

  • Turning works

    Turning works

    To order all types of turning work in Kiev and the region. We make an annular groove of the end surfaces, threading, drilling holes, rolling of corrugations, etc. We make shafts, screws, nuts, studs, rollers, cones, adapters, pulleys. We accept applications for individual parts, we carry out small-scale production of products from steel, copper, aluminum and alloys.

  • Milling of the planes, ledges, grooves, profiles

    Milling work

    We carry out milling on modern high-precision equipment. We cut through windows, grooves, grooves, form multi-step surfaces, make worms and gear wheels, hexagons. We perform all types of milling: face, end, shaped, peripheral. We create parts for agricultural machinery, industrial and household equipment, vehicles, machines and mechanisms.

  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting

    We carry out laser cutting, engraving of metal products. The accuracy of the operation is up to 0.05mm depending on the thickness. Ideal smooth edges without burrs. We carry out cutting of sheet steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys, titanium, pipes. To protect against oxidation of the edges, we apply the technology of cutting in a nitrogen medium. We accept applications for urgent production of large quantities of the product. We work in Ukraine.

  • Bending work

    Bending work

    We provide bending services in Kiev and the region. We process metal sheets with thickness up to 14mm. We take up the piece parts, if necessary, produce a large batch of products. We are bending small and large parts, simple and complex profile, boxes, pipes and fittings. We create products according to drawings of complex geometric shape. When production runs wholesale prices.

  • Electroerosive treatment

    Electroerosive treatment

    For enterprises, workshops, and private individuals, we provide an electro-erosion treatment service in electric pulse and electric spark modes. We conduct anode-mechanical, chemical, abrasive and combined electric erosion. We carry out cutting of metal sheets, hardening of the surfaces of parts, the formation of recesses, cracks, windows, marking, grinding. We perform electroerosion on a CNC machine.

  • Electroplating


    Electrochemical method we apply a two-and three-layer coating on the objects. We produce nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc plating, copper plating. We use the method of electroplating to create coatings for machine parts, machinery. We provide services for oxidation, anodizing, chemical etching of metals.

  • Heat treatment parts

    Heat treatment

    We perform heat treatment of all varieties, including thermomechanical and chemical-thermal. We make quenching, tempering, annealing of the 1st kind, annealing of the 2nd kind, including normalization and aging. We increase the wear resistance of steel parts by the induction method. We carry out annealing of titanium alloys, copper, brass. We accept applications for the hardening of shafts, gears, sleeves.

  • Analysis, Welding, Painting, Assembly

    Analysis, Welding, Painting, Assembly

    We provide services to individuals and legal entities for welding, powder painting of metal products, sandblasting, punching holes in the press, casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, manufacturing of casting molds, and cutting on the guillotine. We carry out electrical, mechanical and wave diagnostics of products, perform assembly, testing mechanisms, machines.