Laser cutting

Devman company provides laser cutting services for individuals and legal entities, enterprises. We carry out applications for cutting sheet materials and surface treatment with the help of modern equipment. Laser engraving and metal bending is available on request. We work in Ukraine.

Equipment capabilities

Technical characteristics of the equipment on which metal cutting is performed:

  • maximum sheet width - 1600mm;
  • maximum sheet length - 3000mm;

Laser cutting Kyiv

The high quality of the surfaces of the resulting products is due to the technology itself. Laser cutting of metal on our equipment has an accuracy of 0.01 mm, and is due to the thickness of the material. Ideally smooth cutting surface allows not to carry out additional processing of edges, since there are no burrs. For products made of stainless steel, other alloys and metals, we offer the most progressive solution, allowing you to avoid corrosion processes at the cut points. The technology of cutting stainless steel in a nitrogenous environment will help prevent edge oxidation. In this case, get the best possible workmanship.

Processed materials

Laser cutting in Devman's production association in Kiev is carried out for materials: steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, aluminum and alloys, as well as for non-metals (various kinds of plastic, wood, etc.). In the table below you can familiarize yourself with the technical capabilities of the equipment for sheet cutting.

Material Maximum thickness, mm
Black steel 20
Stainless steel 10
Electrical steel 4
Copper and its alloys 5
Aluminum and its alloys 5
Titanium 3
for pipe cutting before ∅ 80 mm

Laser cutting price

The cost of work is determined by the size of the order and material. The price of the service "laser cutting metal Kiev" for steel is from 6 UAH per linear meter. We offer the following rates for the service:

Material thickness (mm.) Price 1m long without VAT, UAH.
0.5 - 1 5
1.5 7
2 8
3 12
4 15
5 20
6 25
8 37
10 45
12 65
16 100
20 130
  • The prices shown in the table are indicative and are used to cut the simplest parts, with a small number of holes and inserts. The cost of complex products is calculated using coefficients;
  • The order is executed quickly if the part scale is 1: 1 and there are no errors in the drawings (breaks and overlapping contours, splines);
  • If necessary, create a drawing according to a verbal description or sketches provided by you. The price for this service is negotiated individually;
  • The cost of applications for urgent production increased by 25%;
  • The minimum rate is 500 hryvnia.

You can find out the exact cost of manufacturing your product or batch by contacting the phone manager, or using the site’s contact form. Applications in Ukraine are carried out on the basis of one hundred percent prepayment, delivery to the settlements is performed by the courier service.

Order service

To order available urgent laser metal cutting in Kiev. To use the service, you need to submit a blank template in the .dwg and .dxf formats with a reference dimension on the part contour. We also perform the manufacture of sheet parts according to your sketches, sizes, verbal description. In this case, quickly and inexpensively a digital template or a rendition drawing will be made by our design bureau specialists.