Heat treatment

Production Association Devman provides metal heat treatment services in Kiev. We carry out orders for individuals and legal entities. We use modern equipment. We accept applications in Ukraine, arrange delivery of products to the specified address. We provide a full range of services at an affordable cost. We have heat treatment of metal to order from 500 hryvnia.

Production equipment

We have at our disposal all types of furnaces: chamber, mine, with pull-out or stationary hearth, bell-type, ring, pusher, conveyor and roller. From a small single piece to a large batch of dimensional products we will conduct heat treatment of steel to order, as well as other metals and alloys at an affordable cost. We give the desired properties of the workpiece, if necessary, we will test. We perform heat treatment of all types:

  • thermal;
  • thermomechanical;
  • chemical thermal;

Heat treatment services

Devman company performs the hardening of shafts, cores, bushings, spur and helical gears, chevron gears. We make extension springs and torsion springs. We carry out annealing of copper, brass, duralumin. We carry out the following types of heat treatment:

  • harding;
  • metal release;
  • annealing of the 1st kind (homogenization, recrystallization, stress relieving);
  • annealing of the 2nd kind (complete, isothermal, incomplete, spheroidizing and low, normalization);
  • aging (precipitation hardening);

Tempering of metal in Kyiv

Would you like to increase the strength and hardness of machine parts at an affordable price? You've come to the following address: we have a price of 90 hryvnas per unit of products per 1 sq. M for bluing and hardening steel. If necessary, we carry out the procedure using high frequency currents (HDTV). Induction hardening, depending on the frequency used, makes it possible to strengthen the surface and deep layers of steel without scale formation. Also, the production group Devman provides services for the supply of metal, annealing of titanium alloys and other methods to improve the properties of products at a price of 500 hryvnia.

Chemical heat treatment of steel

To improve the properties of materials we carry out all kinds of surface layer saturation with the necessary chemical elements. We carry out cyanidation, carbonitriding and cementation of metal, nitriding of steel. As a result of the actions performed, the mechanical wear resistance of the products and the corrosion resistance are increased. The applied method increases the operational life of the parts. According to the application we carry out all types of chemical heat treatment of metals:

  • cementation;
  • nitriding;
  • chrome plating;
  • boration;
  • galvanizing;
  • siliconizing;
  • alitizing;

Product quality and equipment capabilities

The available equipment is designed to work with blanks with overall dimensions up to 2500x1200x1000mm. By heat treatment we will give the necessary properties for products made of metals and alloys: hardness, elasticity, strength, flexibility, etc. Modern furnaces make it possible to observe technological processes with high precision, thanks to which we produce high-quality shafts, bushings, parts for the needs of the agricultural industry, the defense industry, production, the food industry, and hydropower. We organize the delivery of products in Ukraine.

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