The production group Devman provides electroplating services in Kiev. We accept applications from individuals, businesses, workshops and workshops. We apply electroplating to order on the surface of such materials: steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, tin, brass, tin-lead alloy. We work across Ukraine, we will organize delivery of production to any settlement by a courier service.

Types of jobs

On the new equipment we perform all types of metal processing by the electrochemical method. We apply protective, protective and decorative, decorative and special coatings. We provide services for chemical etching, oxidation of steel and other metals. We carry out phosphating for cast iron, low alloyed, carbon steel, copper and alloys, aluminum, and zinc.

We are not engaged in the restoration and coating of car parts (disks, bumpers, etc.), household appliances. We also do not cover jewelry, dishes with precious metals.

We carry out industrial orders. We carry out the following types of electroplating:

  • chrome plating;
  • galvanizing;
  • copper plating;
  • nickel plating;
  • phosphating
  • bluing;
  • electrochemical polishing;

Cost of electroplating

In the company Devman for electroplated coating the price is from 90 hryvnia per square meter or from 20 hryvnia per kilogram.

The minimum order - in the amount of 5000 UAH.

Type of coverage Bath dimensions (length, width, height), mm Cost per m2, without VAT, UAH Cost per kg, excluding VAT, UAH
Chrome plating 1500x200x500 1400 145,4
Galvanizing cold 1300x200x800 350 31,8
Copper plating 1000x200x500 1100 97
Nickel plating 1000x200x500 850 77,4
Electrochemical polishing 600x600x600 450 40
Bluing 600x600x600 90

Details are voluminous, complex configurations are considered by the piece. The parts that entered in the oil with rust and scale are subjected to additional surface preparation before coating by a factor of 1.3.

Order electroplating parts

You can find out the cost of the electrochemical processing of materials and get advice from the manager. To understand the technical issues of the process will help our experts. At a price of 90 hryvnia, we make steel burnishing (blackening, blueing). We offer favorable conditions for cooperation on all types of metal processing, creation and development of structures and mechanisms. We carry out delivery across the territory of Ukraine.