Engineering Consulting

Devman provides design and consulting services to individuals and legal entities, and provides services for inventors, small production workshops, large enterprises and industry specialists. To take advantage of this offer, you do not have to enter into a contract or a long-term contractual agreement on cooperation, our engineers are ready to work in the form of a question-answer or task-solution.

The advantage of engineering consulting is that you yourself determine the extent of our participation in the design or production process, so there is no need to immediately develop design documentation. This will allow specialists to get answers on the solution of technical problems and the rationality of the chosen methods, and most importantly, to save money and time. Consultations with Devman engineers will help you to objectively evaluate the possibilities of implementing a project at any stage.

Advantage of ordering services for solving practical problems

Engineering consulting may be required in the following cases:

  • launch into production of a new product;
  • change of manufacturing technology;
  • production line optimization (aimed at cost reduction);
  • equipment upgrades;
  • product improvement;
  • a change in the desired side of some characteristics of the product;
  • increasing the production capacity of existing technical capabilities;

Engineering consulting from Devman Design Bureau is a quick way to get engineers' answers to any complex technical questions in an accessible form, in simple words.