Electrical discharge machining cutting

The production group Devman performs wire EDM cutting of metals in Kiev and the region. We provide services for individuals and companies. We accept applications for single or small-scale production of metal products with delivery on the territory of Ukraine. We carry out all types of metalworking to order. We work with repair services and workshops, providing services for the production of spare parts for machinery and machines. We carry out all types of EDM:

  • abrasive;
  • chemical;
  • anode-mechanical;
  • combined;

Technical capabilities of the equipment

We use in our work modern equipment with high cutting accuracy and allowing to obtain high quality of the processed surface. The CNC wire erosion machine available at our disposal operates in electric pulse and electric-spark modes, it is designed to perform tasks for blanks with the following characteristics:

  • width is 500mm;
  • length 350mm;
  • height 200mm;

The equipment provides processing of non-ferrous and ferrous metals with an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

Materials and products

We wire the cutting of any sheet metal: black and stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and alloys. To order we carry out the manufacture of parts, die stamps, dies, punches, molds. We accept applications for urgent production. We work according to your drawings and sketches. We provide assistance to engineers of the design office.

Application of electroerosion technology

This method is used with direct or reverse polarity, allows the following operations:

  • cutting - division into segments;
  • cutting - cutting sheet material;
  • flashing - creating holes, windows, slots;
  • volume copying - the formation of grooves in the workpiece in the form of the electrode;
  • multi-electrode processing;
  • multi-circuit processing;
  • marking;
  • hardening - increasing the surface strength of the part;
  • fine-tuning;
  • grinding;

Electroerosive treatment of metals in Kyiv

Devman company provides services to EDM in Kiev at a price of 500 hryvnia per product. For large batches of products we offer favorable individual terms of cooperation. We organize the delivery of products in Ukraine. Our processing by electroerosia for small orders is carried out within 5 working days.