Development of design documentation

Engineering production company Devman develops design documentation in industries such as engineering, agriculture, energy, oil production, instrument engineering and other manufacturing industries.

Drawing and model in solidworks

The main stages of the development of design documentation

  • TT icon

    Technical task

    We analyze the technical task (if the TT is not available, we assist in its preparation). We stipulate controversial and incomprehensible moments. After coordination of all the nuances proceed to the design of design documentation.

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    We make the concept of the finished product in 3-D. If there are questions or the design needs to be changed - we are refining. If the customer is satisfied with everything, proceed to the next stage.

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    Development of DD

    Direct development of a package of design documentation in electronic form.

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    Project Completion

    The transfer of a package of documents to the customer, if necessary, support for the production of the product or we ourselves can make the product for you.

These are the main stages of the development of a design documentation, but depending on the complexity of the product and the wishes of the customer, they may change.

Development of design documentation for standards

Picture Standards GOST, ESKD

There is no need to worry about the certification of the product planned for launch into mass production, because the engineers of the NGO Devman fulfill all orders according to the general established technical standards. Development of a CD to order in accordance with ESKD with us is an unspoken rule. Let's create according to the specification the model conforming to all set regional (GOST) or international (DIN, ISO) standards. We will provide all the conditions for the product to successfully pass the certification and become a competitive worthy product of the local market or an exported product.

Design services for proprietary products

It is often necessary to obtain a copy of an existing fixture or unit. In order not to conflict with the copyright holder of the patent for this invention, the specialists from Devman will design a modified prototype of this specimen especially for you, preserving or expanding the functionality of the product. We provide design work backing services at reasonable prices for all comers.

What is included in the development of design documentation:

  • General view drawing

    General drawing picture
    The main document, which shows the construction as a whole, gives an idea of the principles of its operation.
  • Assembly drawing

    Picture assembly drawing
    A document on a separate composite component of the structure.
  • Detail drawing

    Picture drawing details
    It contains the full geometrical parameters, technical requirements and data on the material of a single part.
Picture specification

The complete set can change depending on the specification and the customer's wishes. Additionally, you can order a product passport, instruction manual or other types of design documentation according to GOST 2.102-2013. Any set of drawings can be expanded with additions in the form of electrical schematic diagrams.
Design documentation is in digital form and can be supplemented or edited if necessary, as well as printed in paper form.

Design Services

  • Model details

    Development of design documentation for a separate small product (product, part) is the smallest service provided by the Devman association.

  • Fixture model

    We also design devices for existing tools and mechanisms. The speed of implementation and the low cost of this service will be of interest, primarily to individuals, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, inventors who wish to bring useful technical improvements to life.

  • Mechanism model
    Nodes and mechanisms

    We are engaged in the development of new units and mechanisms, as well as the improvement of old ones. We have experience in designing design documentation for components and mechanisms in various areas of mechanical engineering, agricultural, energy, oil and other industries

  • Non-standard equipment model
    Non-standard equipment

    Do you have a prototype or just an idea of a new, non-standard product? We will help in the development of design documentation and subsequent manufacture. We are able to find optimal solutions for non-standard problems.

Price of the development of design documentation

In Devman, the price of development of design documentation is determined in a wide range from 30 to more than 100,000 dollars. Such a large variation in cost depends on the complexity of the design subject, the time spent by an individual specialist or the engineering department.
In the company Devman on design documentation price for various products is calculated as follows:

From 30 to 100 dollars
Picture fixture

Details, fixtures

From 100 to 1000 dollars
Mechanism picture

Knots, mechanisms, machines

From 1000 and more
Production Line Picture

Installations, production lines

The cost of design documentation in Ukraine

SolidWork Details

The cost of a CD is determined by the following components: the complexity of the design, the number of calculations (including strength characteristics, streamline, thermal distribution, etc.) required to create a digital model, the number of man-hours. In the association Devman development of design documentation, the cost is from $ 30. This applies to simple products that are not time consuming in execution.