CAD design and support

Small and large enterprises producing mass production for the maximum mobility of production will be advantageous computer-aided design system (CAD). Devman company performs the creation of such systems for parts and mechanisms for any purpose. CAD is essentially a constructor, where in the corresponding software environment (AutoCAD, Solid Works, 3D Compass, Siemens NX, etc.), using automated algorithms, automated modeling and calculations, typical parts are performed. The simplest example is the automatic calculation and construction of rolls for running in GTE turbine blades.

Designing automation systems

Not having engineering skills for calculations and modeling using CAD, in a few clicks you can create a three-dimensional virtual copy of the desired part. The convenience of this approach lies in the fact that a logical part or mechanism template is specified in the required overall size range, and the user only optionally selects the right one. The system in accordance with the set values independently changes the product geometry.

This method is beneficial for companies that make typical products to order. In this case, there is no need to order a new project for each modified sample, it is enough to set the necessary parameters, and the program will independently perform the required calculations and calculations, then in a convenient clear graphic form will display on the computer display.

Design automation tools

Since design documentation is too resource-intensive for each case, design automation tools are the most effective tool in mass production. Using CAD saves time and money, eliminates the need to contact the designers with any change in the parameters of the product.

Devman engineers will make CAD software in any software environment you need:

in Siemens NXin Solid Worksin the Compassin AutoCAD

We will create an automatic construction system for any parts, mechanical units or geometric structures, model a universal computer functional design application for the production of standard products.