Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

Development of machines for working with large fasteners

Drawing of hydraulic station

A hydraulic system has been developed which includes a high-pressure hydraulic station, jacks for fasteners and high-pressure hoses. Also to control the tightening of fasteners used hour-type indicators.

The effect of uniform compression of the flange is achieved when using bridge switching on several jacks placed symmetrically across the entire diameter of the flange connection and working from one hydraulic station.

Preview of a ball pair hull render Housing ball screw... Preview of the rod working wheel 3d model Rod

The operator for one installation at the same time is able to tighten a minimum of 20% of the flange connection. Hydroelectric station can build up pressure up to 640 bar. This is enough for example for tightening bolts with a diameter of 140 mm.



  • Motor power - 0.75 kW;
  • The number of revolutions of the electric motor - 1400 rpm;
  • Working pressure - 69 MPa;
  • Operating voltage 380 V (50Hz).


  • High efficiency;
  • There is no friction when tightening;
  • High quality tightening;
  • Does not cause twisting of long bolts, studs.

The hydraulic station can be used not only to tighten the fasteners, but also in any device for which you need to apply a large force.

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