Basic inscriptions for drawings in Ukrainian in SolidWorks

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July 11, 2019 7 minutes read

Most customers do not care in what language the design documentation will be issued, but they still give preference to Russian. There are also customers who want design documentation in the Ukrainian language.
So we are faced with the problem that the Internet has no framework for drawings in Ukrainian. Therefore, we decided to make them ourselves. We wanted to do everything according to the rules, so we called the Ukrainian Research Center for Standardization about the Ukrainian translation of GOST 2.104-2006, but it turned out that they simply replaced GOST with DSTU in the name of the GOST, translated the title page, and all The text remained in Russian.
So, we decided to independently translate the framework with the basic inscriptions for the drawings.

How to make a framework for drawings in Ukrainian?

How to make a framework for drawings in Ukrainian?
  1. for starters, you should have frames in Russian, which are widely available, since they are better suited for drawing up drawings according to DSTU (GOST) than the basic frames that SolidWorks has.
  2. create a drawing with the desired frame that needs to be translated as a new drawing and not insert a part into it.
  3. through editing the main inscription translate all Russian words into Ukrainian. And also add the elements you need, such as: roughness, technical requirements, etc., in order not to write them every time for a new drawing.
  4. save the frame as the main title in the SolidWorks system folder or in any other folder, but then you will need to specify the path to this folder in the settings.
  5. it remains to repeat this for all the necessary formats and you can use the Ukrainian-language framework for the drawings.

Download Ukrainian-language framework for drawings

We have already done all these points for all formats of sheets, both for the first and for the next, so you do not need to do this, you can simply download them from this link. Enjoy using.