About company

Devman is a machine-building company with its own design office, which united production, highly specialized contractors in various areas of mechanical engineering. We carry out a full range of services, starting with the development of technical documentation for sketches and ending with the delivery of finished products. At all stages of cooperation we provide full informational support of projects for private and legal entities, inventors, small, medium and large enterprises. We provide outsourcing services in the areas of creating drawings, design documentation, processing and production of individual, experimental, replicable or mass parts, mechanisms, structures.

Advantages of ordering at Devman

  • Advantages of ordering at Devman

    creation of design documentation (for any mechanisms and structures) in accordance with GOST, ISO, DIN standards

  • Advantages of ordering at Devman

    speed of execution of applications

  • Advantages of ordering at Devman

    reasonable prices thanks to an efficient management model and direct agreements with outsourcing enterprises

  • Advantages of ordering at Devman

    comprehensive information design support

  • Advantages of ordering at Devman

    full service cycle from project order to finished product

Brief history of the company

Working in various fields of engineering, highly qualified specialists have combined efforts, creative potential and created their own design bureau.

  • 2014

    Successfully fulfilling orders of computer design from individuals, it was decided to provide services for the production of finished products

  • 2015

    From enterprises increased the volume of serial orders for the development of components and mechanisms; Established business relationships with manufacturing contractors for the main areas of metalworking (turning, milling, welding, casting)

  • 2016

    Increased number of contractors to provide all possible metalworking services.

  • 2017

    We work on the domestic market.

  • 2018

    We develop and launch our branded products. There is a development of the company.

  • 2019

    The company Devman (Development & Manufacturing) was founded, the first orders from abroad were received (entered the European market)

Production and technical base

Modern technological equipment, traditional and newest metalworking methods guarantee high quality of manufactured products and the necessary operational characteristics. The production capacities at our disposal allow us to carry out large orders, up to mass production. Quality control is provided by advanced means of mechanical, electrical and wave diagnostics. We provide all types of metal processing: welding, bending, forging, stamping, casting, laser cutting, electroplating, milling, turning.

Experts of the company

The company is based on design engineers with significant experience in various areas of civil and military engineering. The staff is employed in domestic large corporations (Antonov Design Bureau). Our specialists fulfilled orders for the defense industry (Morozov Design Bureau, Kiev Armored Forces, Kharkov Malyshev Tank Plant) and power engineering (Energoatom, Ukrhydroenergo), development for the agricultural industry.

We find the most rational solutions, in terms of production costs, improve existing equipment, offer cost-effective development.

Our team

Anatolii Hulchak

Founder of the company DEVMAN. Mechanical engineer by education, Anatoly has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and production management. Since 2012, he worked in production, and since 2013 he worked as a leading engineer of many high-precision projects, in particular in the field of energy, the oil industry, and the defense sector. At the moment he is the leader of a large team of highly qualified and talented engineers and workers. Established work with international partners.

Anatolii Hulchak
Milos Kubat

Milos Kubat

Specialist for work with foreign companies

Anna Lozovytska

Anna Lozovytska

Design Engineer

Evgeny Golub

Evgeny Golub

Technologist - programmer of CNC machines